About Tim Dolby


Tim at Kunoth Bore, north of Alice Springs.  Great place to see Bourke’s Parrot and, in the surrounding mulga, Grey Honeyeater and Slaty-backed Thornbill.

Tim Dolby is a well-known Australian birdwatcher and former Convener of BirdLife Australia in Victoria. He is the author of several Australian bird books including Finding Australian Birds: A Field Guide and Where to See Birds in Victoria. Tim is also an Associate Leader for the US-based Wings Birding Tours Worldwide and Tour Leader for UK-based Birdfinders bird tours.

Tim currently organises the celebrated birdwatching event, the Australian Twitchathon, and moderates Birdline Australia, as well as the Birdlines in Victoria, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Tim’s popular birding blog Tim Dolby’s Bird Trip Report provides a wealth of information for local and visiting international birdwatchers.

To contact Tim please email dolby.timothy@gmail.com.

Tim Dolby Kakadu

Tim, guiding for Kakadu National Park.