Some Australian Mammal and Reptiles

Sugar Glider

Sugar Glider looking out its nest box (Heathcote-Graytown National Park)

Honey Possum

A Honey Possum feeding on a Bird’s Nest Banksia (Cheynes Beach, SW WA)

Yellow-footed Antichinus

An ever active Yellow-footed Antichinus (Chiltern National Park, Vic)


Platypus in Tasmania are significantly bigger than mainland Platypus (Fern Glade, Tas)

Bridled Wallaby

Bridled Wallaby feeding in the long grass near Lake Mitchell (FN Qld)

Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Eastern Grey Kangaroo – mother and joey (Chiltern National Park, Vic)

Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Eastern Grey Kangaroo in the bracken (Geehi, Kosciuszko National Park, NSW)

Mareeba Rock-Wallaby

A curious Mareeba Rock-Wallaby (Granite Gorge, FN Qld)

Purple-necked Rock-wallaby

Purple-necked Rock-wallaby (Chinaman Creek Dam, north-east Qld

Short-eared Rock-wallaby

Short-eared Rock-wallaby, very cute (Nourlangie< Kakadu, NT)

Western Grey Kangaroo

A loafing Western Grey Kangaroo (Little Desert, Vic)

Boyd's Forest Dragon

The spectacular Boyd’s Forest Dragon looking like something from the Lost World.

Rosenberg's Goanna

Rosenberg’s Goanna (Salt River Rd, Stirling Ranges, SW WA)

Lace Monitor

Lace Monitor (Green Cape, Ben Boyd National Park, NSW)

Metallic Skink

Metallic Skink (Freycinet NP, Tas)

Black-headed Monitor

A Black-headed Monitor hiding for cover (Atherton Tablelands, FN Qld)

Gilbert's Dragon

A curious Gilbert’s Dragon (Gregory National Park, NT)

Black-headed Python

Black-headed Python, near Lawn Hill (north-west Qld)

Tiger Snake (black Tasmanian subspecies (Freycinet NP, Tas)

Tiger Snake – black Tasmanian subspecies) (Freycinet NP, Tas)

Water DragonEchidnaMareeba Rock-WallabyWallabyPlatypus